Why Do Grafted Eyelashes Need To Be Removed?

Generally speaking, eyelashes should be removed after staying on the eyes for about 4-6 weeks so that the health of the original eyelashes is not affected and the eyelash style is kept in the best condition.

However, many customers feel that it is not cost effective to remove their lashes, so they keep them for a long time, thinking that they will fall out. This is not a good idea, and as an eyelash technician, you should always tell your customers the importance of removing your lashes.


Why do you need to remove eyelashes?

Why do you need to remove eyelashes?

1, Because their own eyelashes have a natural growth cycle, some of the eyelash extensions may grow, which will not only look untidy and unattractive, but may also make the eyelashes stained with dust and bacteria, affecting their own health, so they need to be removed.

2.When you remove your eyelashes, the aging gel is removed from both the false and real eyelashes. This prevents the aging glue from damaging your own eyelashes, and on the other hand, when you remove the glue, you will be able to attach other lengths of false eyelashes more firmly.

Why do you always emphasize that you should never rip off the false eyelashes directly, because it is easy to hurt your own eyelashes, and the real eyelashes may be pulled off directly, damaging the hair follicles and affecting the growth of the eyelashes, and in serious cases the hair follicles may not grow eyelashes.

Now we will share some eyelash extension training tips to help you learn eyelash extension removal best practices to get the best results.

1.Use the removal film to stick to the lower eyelashes with the curved line of the eyelid.

2.Prepare two nano cotton swabs one to press the hair peak and one to dip into a small amount of eyelash remover, take an appropriate amount of the cream with the eyelash remover wand and apply it to the root of the glue in an inward rotating motion, make sure to rotate it inward repeatedly in this way.

Note: Neither the cream nor the gel should go into the eyes, otherwise the customer's eyes will hurt as much as if they had been splashed with chili water!

3. Apply the mascara remover wand to one eye first, then the other eye (because the paste takes 3-5 minutes to unglue).

4. gently rub the eyelashes after application, the purpose is to allow better penetration of mascara removal, faster removal of eyelash extensions.

5. With your left hand, you can take a makeup remover cotton and with your right hand, gently remove the lashes with dolphin tweezers and place the removed lashes on the makeup remover cotton.

After removing, there is a very important step, make sure to use the dolphin tweezers to scrape off the residual eyelash remover cream at the root so that the final cleaning will not be white, you can see the residual eyelash remover cream with black glue on it.

6. After scraping clean remove the eyelash remover pads, pay attention to a small detail, use your fingers to lift your eyelids and then slowly remove them so that the remover cream does not get on your upper eyelids.

7. Dip a paper shaft cotton swab into the cleaning solution and clean from the root outwards to avoid residual mascara remover on the eyelid.

8. Dip the cotton cloth into the cleaning solution and wipe the lashes 360° to be completely clean.