I love this brand !!! The lashes are amazing compared with other expensive brand this is the best I love the curl and the color I always use. It was all good quality

I always ordered the training kit from VAVALASH and I loved how smoothly their lashes fan out, my students both love VAVALASH

the product that I have used super recommended. If u haven’t tried this kit yet u don’t know what your missing out on !!

These lashes are so wonderful to work with, they are soft,light, natural to touch and super results. These fans are perfect 😍

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The best lashes I've ever seen, they are super soft, comfortable and weigh nothing. I highly recommend them🤩

I used these for a project in art class, which included a few sculptures of realistic eyes. I wanted to give them some eyelashes to make them more realistic, and I thought these would be better to use than a strip of false eyelashes. These were super easy to use, even for a beginner, and were long and wispy, which is exactly what I was looking for. These look amazing on a sculpture, and I imagine they'd look even better on real eyelashes!

This lash makes the treatment time shorter.
Its done in just one hour

These Y lashes are awesome! I have been using them on some of my clients who want a little more than classic but not full volume.. they place so nicely and easily and the retention is amazing!!

These clusters were so easy to peel off tray and to apply to lash line. Look very natural and feel soft

Super Bonder 15ml
Kayla Kayla

I love this stuff so much it has a great smell to it and doesn’t burn any of my clients eyes, I find that it has held up very well!

For lash artists out there who struggle with making volume fans or just want to speed up their lashing time, these W lashes will be your savior!!!

The best lashes I've ever seen, they are super soft, comfortable and weigh nothing. I highly recommend them🤩

Me encanta estas extensiones de pestañas, su celdas son muy suave, no causa incomodidad. Son perfecta para dar volumen y no maltratan el pelo natural.

These are my favorite l!!

These work great! Love the cost

These lashes give a very natural look. Depending on the style and size you get, they maybe longer or shorter but are definitely curly and soft

I honestly love these lashes! I use their flat classic and mega volume. They both hold their curl and are easy to secure to the natural lash. The curls of their lashes are always consistent so they’re easy to blend with even top-of-the-line lash suppliers.

LOVE vavalash

I am a beginner and I love them ! They are super lightweight and easy to pick up. Fans do not come loose or lose curl like other brands I’ve tried. Have had great retention so far. Will buy again!! I also use their individual premium lashes. This brand is great

Best Premium Lashes

I bought a a large amount not knowing what to expect. The packaging was super secure and opening them up you can see the high quality lashes they are. I bought all premium sizes and they fall like butter! Amazing product! I will be buying more and recommending this product!

Lash Primer 15ml
Karlitamontes De Oca
Its awesome i love It

Easy to use and a long duración

Excellent product

Excellent quality and excellent product, perfect and illuminated shots

great retention

loving this adhesive! great retention, as a new lash artist gives me necessary time for application, great affordable price. Easy shopping and delivery process.

Buttery smooth lashes

Love how these lashes fan and build when layered <3 my fav lashes I make so many Instagram and TikTok’s I wish they’d sponsor me :) I go through like 4 trays a day because I love these and use them on all my clients

Classic Individual Premium Lash Extensions 0.15mm
rodriguezgaby024@gmail.com rodriguezgaby024@gmail.com

Love using vavalash lashes

Bio Gel Pads
skylarsk8s@charter.net skylarsk8s@charter.net

10/10 i use these daily they are super jelly and they hold a lot of lashes down before taping and the pads never move they are my favorite!! I ordered every lash pad vava lash offered and these are my favorite (there all good from vava) but these are BOMB

Pre-cutted Eye Gel Pads 50Pcs/Pack
skylarsk8s@charter.net skylarsk8s@charter.net

I ordered every eye pad they offer to try out different kinds! These are super sticky and jelly I love them! The stickiness is consistent in every pair and good price ! They also don’t move durring lashing

Love these

The premade fans are fantastic! By far my favorite!

Super Bonder 15ml
Karlitamontes De Oca
Its awesome i love It

Its faster and dont smealk to alcohol 👌

Glue Storage Tank
Makenzie White

Super cute and my glue fits in there perfectly! Just what I wanted!