I love this brand !!! The lashes are amazing compared with other expensive brand this is the best I love the curl and the color I always use. It was all good quality

I always ordered the training kit from VAVALASH and I loved how smoothly their lashes fan out, my students both love VAVALASH

the product that I have used super recommended. If u haven’t tried this kit yet u don’t know what your missing out on !!

These lashes are so wonderful to work with, they are soft,light, natural to touch and super results. These fans are perfect 😍

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Best eye pads I’ve used so far!

Super easy to work with, they have cuts in them so they form to the face nicely. Haven’t had an issue with them at all, will 100% be buying more when I start to run out!

uv light

I wanted to learn with a smaller light, and all i can say is wow! This little light is powerful, takes up minimal spaces, and so simple yo put it away and store it! Absolutely worth it!!


Very good isn’t to sticky or not sticky enough.

Mega volume lashes

Some of the best lashes I’ve tried i love them


Quick shipping and arrival! Loved the products!

Amazing Lash Trays

These lashes are so soft and fan out like butter.

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Leslie Gutierrez
Amazing lashes

Love these lashes! they fan like butter and im able to create a thin base.

Lash Primer 15ml SC
Vita Leibiuk
I love this primer 🥹

Good quality and easy use 🥹😍

Cuteee Tweeezersss!!!

Great quality and suppperr cuteee!!!

Love these tweezers there so easy to use the work smoothly


Such a good quality tile ! And it’s HK!? 10/10


This glue is by far the best for clients with sensitive eyes. I use this on more then 10 people & they’ve struggled in yhr past with glues… but with this ones, theres been so issues or reactions!


Vavalash is by far my favorite lashes to use! They’re use, they’re super easy & the flat lash are SUPER soft. Can’t say enough good things!

Always go to glue

This is one of my go-to glue! I’ve never had a problem with it and retention always last over 6 weeks!!

I love this product... the lashes are so soft ... I've applied the lashes in clumps ...this is my results... I am not a professional.... I will definitely use them once I visit a lash technician .... lashes are so soft feels like silk

Really pretty , I did this myself , there’s different lengths , really strong and people thought I got it done by a professional really thick and pretty on the eye gives hybrid look kinda

I absolutely love these lashes. The color is beautiful and the lashes are so soft. I hope my next client would like to wear these!!

They worked so great. Just started doing individual lashes on others and these came out amazing

These lashes are soft and very durable to work with. I recommend this product to anyone looking to create a fashionable look.

These were super great quality lashes and easy to work with

I love these lashes! They are so dark and fan like butter!

these fan out like butter

⁦I love these cashmere lashes. They’re soft, and don’t look shiny or like the thick plastic I normally see in plastics. The only other brand I’ve used for classic lashes is vavalash, and these knock those out of the water compared in application and look. I’ll definitely be repurchasing.⁩

I’ve been lashing for 5yrs & these lashes fan like butter & my finished sets look amazing!

I love these lashes for fanning. They fan like butter and are super dark and fluffy. Would recommend this over other lash brands.