I love this brand !!! The lashes are amazing compared with other expensive brand this is the best I love the curl and the color I always use. It was all good quality

I always ordered the training kit from VAVALASH and I loved how smoothly their lashes fan out, my students both love VAVALASH

the product that I have used super recommended. If u haven’t tried this kit yet u don’t know what your missing out on !!

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These lashes are so wonderful to work with, they are soft,light, natural to touch and super results. These fans are perfect 😍

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I’ve been using the 0.05 Premium lash trays for awhile now for my ‘Wet Sets’ and I’m obsessed with them. So so easy to fan and spike and they’re so soft and lightweight. My clients love the feel of their lashes after. I use lash jungle for everything and my sets and retention has never been better!

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First time purchase and I loved it the tweezer works well and the light helps alot

I love the cashmere lashes

the cashmere lashes fan out so easily! they are definitely my favorite to use


Son las mejores me encantan 🥰🤪

Me encantan

Estas fibras son súper suaves lindas y manejables las recomiendo

Best tweezers ever!

I ordered these along with the curved isolation and they’re my go to tweezers for everything. They have amazing grip and are so comfortable


Easy to adjust to your light nice for the price I got it

best lashes ever!

These are my go to lashes for volume sets! I LOVE these lashes. I’ve resorted back to these trays after a bunch of different brands of lash trays ive tried. They fan beautifully, no sticky residue on the ends. Theyre dark and silky in my opinion. I just dont bulk shop the trays. I only order what i need for about 5-6 months no longer than that because ive noticed that when theyre stored for a long time they do tend to have a sticky residue on the ends of the lashes which makes fanning almost impossible when they all stick together but other than that no complaints. If thinking about trying DO IT. You wont regret 💖


I love these lashes!! The only place I can find 16 D and they never disappoint!!


The speed of the glue helped my lash speed go down major!!!!

Super Bonder 15ml
Katherine Harina
So far so gooD

Great retention

I like that these lashes are easy to use , soft and fluffy! vavalashes are great for making fans for beginner lash techs.

These are beautiful, well-made great quality eyelash extensions. I recommend this product!👍

Las pestañas son muy uniformes y tienen diferentes formas a medida que vas de izquierda a derecha de arriba a abajo. Es fácil cogerlas con pinzas, ¡y agradezco que sean 100% cachemira! Además, quedan preciosas en el ojo.

These were perfect for lashing! I use them for hybrid styles and they have the perfect thickness with a great look to them. I had a really easy time handling them and placing them on lashes with little to no difficulty.

I love the color of these lashes. Black would look to dark on me but these were perfect. Very fluffy and easy to fan.

Estas pestañas son muy suaves y de aspecto natural. Suelen durar casi una semana cuando me las pongo. ¡Son unas pestañas estupendas!

El precio es muy bueno para lo que obtienes. Las pestañas proporcionan un gran volumen y no añaden mucho peso por lo que sientan muy bien. En general las recomiendo

I found these lashes to be easier to pull off of the strip and to fan out than many others I have tried.

The pricing on these is great for what you get. The lashes provide great volume and don’t add much weight so feels great. Overall I would recommend

The best primer !

My favorite bonder

Favorite tweezers !

These tweezers make fanning so much easier ! 10/10 💞💞

love it

recomiendo mucho son las mejores que e provado en el mercado