How do eyelash extensions affect my own eyelashes?

How do eyelash extensions affect my own eyelashes?

Eyelash extensions have a lot of advantages compared to other eyelash technologies on the market, but many people are concerned that eyelash extensions will have an effect on their own eyelashes. For example, if you get eyelash extensions, your eyelashes will be less, or your eyelashes will be shorter after getting extensions.
But in fact, eyelash extensions do not affect our own eyelashes. Let's take a look.

Our eyelashes have a certain growth cycle.

Just like hair, they have their own growth period, growth period, dormancy period and shedding period. This is a normal physiological function, so when it comes to the shedding period, even without eyelash extensions, the eyelashes will definitely fall off.

The most important principles of eyelash extensions.

The most important principle of eyelash extensions is that only one false eyelash should be attached to one real eyelash. Moreover, as long as the formal eyelash extensions are applied at a distance of 0.5mm-1.5mm from the root of the original eyelashes, there is no impact on the health of the eyelash follicles and the growth of the eyelashes will not be affected.

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The material used for grafting is also important.

The raw material used for eyelash extensions is also very crucial, especially for those who have sensitive skin themselves! When the material and glue used for eyelash extensions are not up to par, it can easily cause allergies around the eyes and eventually affect the growth of the eyelashes. Our eyelashes are all handmade in Korea using PBT, a chemical fiber that is very close to mink and is used by the best eyelash brands in the world.

Therefore, eyelash extensions have no effect on our own eyelashes as long as we choose a good product and a good extension store