Ich liebe diese Marke !!! Die Wimpern sind erstaunlich, im Vergleich zu anderen teuren Marke ist dies die beste Ich liebe den Schwung und die Farbe, die ich immer verwenden. Es war alles gute Qualität
Ich habe immer das Trainingsset von VAVALASH bestellt und war begeistert, wie geschmeidig sich die Wimpern auffächern. Meine Schülerinnen lieben VAVALASH.
das Produkt, das ich verwendet habe super empfohlen. Wenn Sie dieses Kit noch nicht ausprobiert haben, wissen Sie nicht, was Sie verpassen!
Diese Wimpern sind so wunderbar zu arbeiten, sie sind weich, leicht, natürlich zu berühren und super Ergebnisse. Diese Fächer sind perfekt 😍.
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They are amazing this was my first time trying to put on extensions and they are amazing

I love how it looks presented in its case, you can see how beautiful the lash fans are just next to one another beautifully packaged

I like lashes i been ordering since one year ill keep ordering highely recommended

Love these lashes ...holds curl and fluffy

The lashes feel amazing! They are my go too now. I highly recommend them

My clients like them, and I also like it. This result is beyond my expectation. Soft, handmade and lightweight.

I’ve been using tdance for over a year and has been the first brand I have ever tried. I’m absolutely in love with the price and how affordable and good quality these lashes are. Forever a fan !

This lashes works very well. Thank you

Didn’t expect to love them as much as i do. They are easy to fan and remove. Also fluffy. Worth the money. Definitely getting more

I like the lightness and the softness, the curl stays

First time using their lashes and well I am obsessed with them.

I do lashes and these lashes are my fave !! I use them on every set!!!

They fan out so beautifully, they’re so soft & pick up effortlessly. Not sticky at all! I am in love.

very easy to fan and created pretty thin bases

For classic sets, these are the best! Gives such a natural look because of the material , truly beautiful
I will use this brand for my classic sets forever!

Me encanta trabjar con este tipo de pestaña

I love these lashes! They are the perfect length and have the right amount of thickness to them. There are a variety of sizes and plenty of each. Will definitely be ordering more soon!

I love vavalash products! All of them? I have the remover, lashes! The lashes have helped me so much as I am still a beginner but they work great!!! Will continue to buy more!

This is my first time using vavalash lashes and so far I love them, they are so light weight and easy to use. These are my go to lashes for now on! Love them!

These lashes are worth every penny. I love the consistency of the quality of these lashes. I’m never disappointed and will probably use these lashes forever!

Good quality, convenient to use, soft lash structure, long wearing. I'm definitely satisfied.

I’ve been using these lash fans for a little over two years now and love them! For the price point you really get more than you pay for. I’ve used a ton of other and they always have chuncky based or fall apart during application and these do not. Highly recommend

Love these lashes! They look like and feel like real lashes! Love the D curl that I purchased

I used the 5d pre made fans and I absolutely love them and will be purchasing again