Ich liebe diese Marke !!! Die Wimpern sind erstaunlich, im Vergleich zu anderen teuren Marke ist dies die beste Ich liebe den Schwung und die Farbe, die ich immer verwenden. Es war alles gute Qualität
Ich habe immer das Trainingsset von VAVALASH bestellt und war begeistert, wie geschmeidig sich die Wimpern auffächern. Meine Schülerinnen lieben VAVALASH.
das Produkt, das ich verwendet habe super empfohlen. Wenn Sie dieses Kit noch nicht ausprobiert haben, wissen Sie nicht, was Sie verpassen!
Diese Wimpern sind so wunderbar zu arbeiten, sie sind weich, leicht, natürlich zu berühren und super Ergebnisse. Diese Fächer sind perfekt 😍.
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Best eyelashes

I love these easy fan lashes , they save so much time, and they last on my clients a really long time , I would love to recommend these to everyone out there who are beginning their lash tech journey

Super Bonder 15ml SC
Shelby Snyder

10/10 best product

thanks, it was very good.

thanks, it was very good.

love it❤️

Super good lashes love them!

These cashmere lashes are bomb

I doubted in buying them at first. Cause the premium ones are just fine. The cashmere really do fan like butter and theyve been making my work easier. Im obsessed!

The cashmere mega volume lashes are bomb!!! Easy to fan and they are matte black which gives them a lux look :D will definitely be getting these again


Works great, I love it!!!


Works great, and no heavy fumes

W lashes

I always order these lashes! My clients love them a lot.


recently purchased these lash trays and they’re super beginner friendly! I will be purchasing more!


Perfect for storage! Fits just right on my lash cart


Me encanta el material es otra cosa lo recomiendo al 100% no se van arrepentir se los aseguro 🫶🏽💕

hi quality. very good lashes

Heart shaped tweezers

I recently purchased the heart shaped tweezers. Not only are they great quality they are absolutely cute!

Amazing product

Best lashes ever! Very soft and easy to use! I love it!

Really great

Hello kitty tile is the most cutest tile ever ! i love.

Absolutely love this lashes, every set I create is stunning

Best glue

Probably the best glue hands down!!! I’ve experienced with a lot of glues and this one is my favorite

hello kitty lash tile

Oh my gosh its so cute ! The lash tile is huge and can fit many lashes

Is VAVALASH worth the hype?

I love Vavalash! This company had everything from beginner lash artist supplies to advanced! This glue in particular carried me through YEARS of lashing and now that I do UV lashes I was so excited to see they came out with a UV glue! Absolutely love VAVA!

good glue, but will squirt all over you when opening

This is a good glue but beware when using orange pin to open it all comes just pouring out. It got alllll over my hands and tile floor and took me an hour to clean off my hands and floor :( would recommend opening with gloves on and over a trash can

yy lashes

love these lashes!! the base is good and everything


I love using vavalash for my sets. Really makes it easier for me to fan 🔥

Me encantó

Fue rápido y no arde al aplicarlo me quedé muy satisfecha

Great Lashes

I like the minimal glue on these easy fans, but the foil backs have recently started to detach. I’ve been using them frequently and love the results and the quality of the lashes overall though! They are soft and lovely to look at as well!