Ich liebe diese Marke !!! Die Wimpern sind erstaunlich, im Vergleich zu anderen teuren Marke ist dies die beste Ich liebe den Schwung und die Farbe, die ich immer verwenden. Es war alles gute Qualität
Ich habe immer das Trainingsset von VAVALASH bestellt und war begeistert, wie geschmeidig sich die Wimpern auffächern. Meine Schülerinnen lieben VAVALASH.
das Produkt, das ich verwendet habe super empfohlen. Wenn Sie dieses Kit noch nicht ausprobiert haben, wissen Sie nicht, was Sie verpassen!
Diese Wimpern sind so wunderbar zu arbeiten, sie sind weich, leicht, natürlich zu berühren und super Ergebnisse. Diese Fächer sind perfekt 😍.
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Love these lashes

Very easy to fan / fluffy lashes !

Amazon glue LADY BLACK

My god so good glue, fast and no stikies si i work faster than before, my client love also Because it doesnt hier thé eyes

Great lashes

I love the flat bases, easy to apply

Love them 😍

My favourite lashes, really easy to work with due to the thin base and good quality

Volume Fiber Tip Tweezers

This tweezer has such a steady grip. it’s so easy to grab and fan the eyelash extensions. I love it! Definitely a good buy!


I totally love these lashes

Good lash.very soft.make fan easy.beautiful lash.good price

This lashes are great and easy to work with .I just love them

Love it

So soft and love the way they fan 😍

Love these

Easy to work with and very full looking.

Love love love!

Absolutely love these for isolation! Chef’s kiss

Absolutely love this lashes 💕

Absolutely love this lashes 💕


Definitely a good adhesive definitely recommend it

Love them

Love these ! Very comfortable and my clients loved them 😊


They are easy to use and fan beautifully.

Satisfied with quality

Very nice and natural looking! Easy to work with! .15 .05 .03 are my go to.


I would say this is great to use, but a bit challenging. It does not come with batteries 🔋 other than that I would say it feels really light weight l.

Best fans

There sp good, these are The only fans i use Daily!

Love them very good quality

Ver y good quality

Love love love vavalash! I have gone through so many lash brands as a beginner and advanced lash artist. These are the easiest to fan. So soft on my clients eyes. These are easy on beginners in my class learning to fan lashes. Just a five star all around.

Couldn’t wait to open and start setting up my lashes lol love this product! I always purchase when I need lashes quick before my VAVALASH shipment gets here or if I run out of a size quick and they never let me down! Quality is always there. ♥️

I love these I bought them on a whim because i needed to do my lashes and y lash tech was otu of town as a newbie let me just say ive bee doing my own lashes since the retention is way better and i ppaired it with the super glue they will stay longer i promise! my lash tech has called me asking me why IM not going to her well besides this method being cheaper it works best for me instead of spending 75-120 on a set / refill

I highly recommend. Good quality for a good price.

the tweezers provided were pretty good quality. to help the lashes not stick to them, i applied bond to the tweezer tip ! they’re natural looking and really cute !