Wholesale Volume Easy Fan Lash Extensions 0.07mm

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Volume Easy Fan Eyelash Extensions /Self fanning lashes 0.07mm

Eyelash Extension Details:

tape:Rapid Blooming & Self fanning lashes&Easy Fan Lashes
100% brand new and high quality
Color: black
Quantity: 1pcs
length:8-15mm mixed,12rows/tray
curl:C D CC DD


EASY FAN LASHES are specially designed for lash technicians that are NEW to volume by hand technique.

These lash trays are designed to make perfect and consistent fans every time.

By isolating small groups of lashes in each row, you can make the perfect fan every single time!

The EASY FAN LASHES trays will assure you complete a volume set in record time.



These self fanning lashes have multi lengths on each strip to help create the wispy Kimmy K lash look desired by clients in just half the time!


-These lashes will have similar retention to classic lashes and should be applied the same way. 

-Lashes stay bonded together when pulling off the strip.

-On average, 1 box of easy fanning lashes which contains 12 strips would last you for 4-6 clients (depending on the lash lengths used for the set and the amount of the client’s natural lashes)

Top Tip! Use with our Champagne Gold Volume Lash Tweezers 
and Volume Extreme Eyelash Adhesive

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