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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Alexis G
      Shocked & impressed!!!

      I was very skeptical about this glue. When it dried, it reminded me of nail glue so I was scared pulling apart stickies was going to be a nightmare. Since this glue is so fast drying, I have no stickies to pull apart!!! The way it dries, it almost looks blue & wet. Like you think they’re stuck but it dries shiny!!! It’s only been a week since using it & I haven’t had a client tell me about fall out so fingers crossed this is my new glue 🙏

      & no irritating fumes!!!!

      Randi Blanchard
      New to Blue

      So I wasn’t sure how this glue would work but I wanted to give it a chance. And I absolutely love it. Great retention and no irritation to any of my clients. Will be ordering again

      Iliana Jaramillo
      I actually love it

      I was a bit off about it at first since my experience with clear glue isn't the best. BUT , I love that this glue doesn't leave that weird clear/white setting. It does have a tint of blue which I love. Fast drying and stays on really well !