Velvet Lash Pillow




 - super supportive pillow has been developed with yours and your clients' comfort in mind! 

- beautifully made, velvet finish extra comfy pillow

- the foam inside has even been tailored to not retain moisture, so will not affect the behaviour of your glues

- made from memory foam to provide ample comfort and support

- has been especially made with an ergonomic design for the best neck support

- gently sloping sides so that when the weight of a client's head is applied, the pillow will all be on one level, helping you to avoid anything rolling towards them during the eyelash extensions procedure

- the  black velvet cover will add even more comfort,feel extra touch of luxury for the client and your workspace alike! 


Pillow measurements: 67x57x20cm 

Pillow color:black


Thanks for your attention.And what we want you to know is that If you buy pillows, pillow shelf and other bulky or too many products that cannot be packed in a package at the same time, in order to ensure the integrity of the items,even if you spend more than $ 100, we can only send a slower courier.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

Wish I could post a picture of the pillow I just received. Wondering if the good reviews are fake? Does it take a few days to fluff up? This doesn’t look good at all… :(

I'm sorry honey, we have to roll up the pillow to better ship you, but the quality of our products is very good, please understand, sorry again

velvet lash pillow

Needed a pillow that was much more soft and comfortable for my clients. Not only does this pillow feel soft, client’s head are higher while laying down and it has pockets! Also, a space to rest lash tiles while working. Great investment, I really needed this!

Mykah Kayla
LOVE IT!!!!!!!

My clients love this pillow! I’ve never had or heard anyone complain about this pillow! It’s definitely worth buying!

Thanks for your support ,dear!!

Yeimy Fajardo

I loved the lash pillow, it gives my clients the comfort they need and me the space and accessibility to lash better!!

Thanks for your support dear.

Benita Guðlaugardóttir

The pillow is perfect, I love it