Individual Cluster DIY Lashes 72 PCS 8-16 Mixed Length Style 004



Individual Cluster Lashes 72 PCS DIY Eyelash Extension Light and Soft Faux Mink Slik Lash Clusters Easy Full Lash Extensions DIY at Home

Notice: There is a 5-7 day production lead time for those who order this lash.

Most natural, delicate individual lashes, superfine band, effortless wear. Just looks like it’s your own lashes. Perfect for a natural look for every day.

Whether you have almond, rounded, or hooded eyes, these DIY individual eyelashes can definitely give you that striking persona you’re trying to achieve. Add it to your shopping cart now!

100% Premium Korean PBT Material
72 clusters per tray
Color: Black
Cruelty-Free and Vegan
Available Lengths: 8-16 Mixed Length
Our lashes can last for up to 10 wears (if you treat them nicely).
Gently clean lashes with cotton swabs and oily makeup remover


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Dorothy Farrow
Great quality

These lashes are great! They are so easy to work with and they look great!

Maria S
Just be gentle with your eyes for long lasting lashes

Best DIY lash set. I am horrible on putting on lashes i have tried it all, glue, water, magnetic lashes and was always frustrated when trying to apply them. But then i saw these and they are the easiest best DIY lash kit out there. And the price point is great. I was able to put them on the very first try. Received so many compliments looking like natural lashes and its already been 6 days wearing them and counting. So the wear test is fabulous. Haven’t removed them yet but it looks as if it will also be easy and simple to do. Love love this set. Recommended for beginners and pros to try it out.


Easy to apply, NATURAL, affordable and I can wash my face without caution I might mess up my lash extensions... I DONT KNOW WHY YOURE STILL READING THIS...... BUY IT NOW!! These lashes are perfect! Very easy to apply!

Erin F
Now I’m addicted to lashes

I love these! The only “false” lashes I’ve ever been able to use myself. There is definitely a slight learning curve and it took me a couple times to get the hang of them. A few tips: a little bond goes a LONG way. You don’t need to put it on like mascara, just a swipe or two. I do half my lashes at a time. Also don’t put right at your lash line or they can poke u a little. I put it just above my lash line. I have made them last a few days before but I normally take them off before I go to bed. Definitely get their remover. It dissolves the bond instantly and I haven’t lost any of my natural lashes taking them off. Now I can put them on in less than 5 min and it elevates any makeup look.

Love the ease and with so little time and needed skills

Love these and so easy to do! Skip the time consuming extensions and diy it