Premium Dropper Lash Primer 15ml SC



VAVA Premium Lash is a new revolutionary product to maximize lash retention by up to 30%.

Increases flexibility of glue, enhancing bonding between natural lash and the extension.

Suitable for Classic or Volume Lashes.

Medical grade, no irritation, natural fragrance

Why do you need to use lash primer ?

Lash Primer increases glue adhesion to eyelashes by effectively removing oil and other oily substances during extensions. It helps the glue to dry faster with longer retention. It contains Keratin to help keep eyelashes strong and healthy.


Water, Surface Active Agent

Plant Extract, Cetylpyridinium Chloride


How to use:

  • Apply a small amount of eyelash extension primer on two disposable microfiber brushes for eyelash extensions.
  • Place one brush beneath the lashes and the other on top.
  • Gently glide the lash extension primer on the eyelashes, cleansing each lash thoroughly.
  • Lashes should be completely dry before applying eyelash extensions.

Customer Reviews

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Maidelys Leon
it burns

I haven’t used it on a client but I always try the products on myself first and it burns a lot.