Individual Bottom Lash Extensions B Curl

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How to apply eyelash extensions to bottom lashes

-The first step is to pull up the upper lashes so that they don’t interfere with the lower lashes. We like using micropore tape for this job.

-Layer two strips of tape, with the adhesive parts facing each other. Leave a little bit of the sticky side on the ends, like in the picture below (the pink marking on the image is where the two pieces of tape meet with the adhesive sides facing each other).

-Next is placing the eye pad. Placing the eye pad is going to be a little bit different since you’re doing bottom lashes. The lower lashes will be exposed, so place an eye pad underneath the bottom lashes for application.


-No Blue Tint

-No Kink

-Mate Black

-Length Available : 5mm-7mm mixed

-Thickness Available:0.05 , 0.07

-Curly Available : B Curl

Why do you should choose bottom lashes ?

Bottom eyelashes open up the eyes, makes them look bigger and your face appear smaller, mainly because they add length.

Also, if you have the top eyelash extensions it can balance the face out. It is especially helpful when you wear eye shadows or eyeliner with the top lashes because it creates even more dramatic eyelid area and bottom lash extensions successfully balance it out.

Finally, by adding length, your bottom lashes help your face appear slimmer.



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Zeanobia Talley
Just Right!

The length and curl are perfect!