Almohadillas de gel biológica




MEJOR PADS DE CALIDADES, Para la extensión de pestañas,

Almohadillas de gel de los ojos:
  • Sin fibra
  • Precortado
  • Gel libre de productos químicos, no irritantes, le permite volver a posicionarlos durante la aplicación sin perder fuerza.
  • No se requiere cinta adhesiva ---- Este parche de ojos mantendrá esas pestañas inferiores (incluso los pequeños pelos de bebé) firmemente seguros y protegidos sin la necesidad de cinta adhesiva.

Con una forma perfecta que se ajusta debajo del ojo, una humectante suave mientras se reúne el área debajo de los ojos.

Proveedores de extensión de pestañas para técnicos profesionales de pestañas

Adecuado para salón de maquillaje, estudio de cosméticos, maquillador.

Adecuado para uso profesional y uso personal


  • 2 par (4 pc.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

10/10 i use these daily they are super jelly and they hold a lot of lashes down before taping and the pads never move they are my favorite!! I ordered every lash pad vava lash offered and these are my favorite (there all good from vava) but these are BOMB

Channon Young

I AM IN LOVEEEE!! These biogel pads are probably the easiest to work with! I’ve worked with the hydrogel pads and those are horrible they don’t stick a lot of client have reactions to the hydrogel and they big and bulky! I just started using these after going to a lash salon and asking them what under eye gel pads they use lol they told me and the rest is history. There’s no need for tape for extra security for bottom lashes like it’s needed for the hydrogel. Once you stick these gel pads on they STAY and if you have to re apply them for client comfort they do NOT lose there tackiness I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM !