Premium Mega Volume Individual lash Extensions 0.03mm

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Mega Volume Premium Individual Lash Extensions 0.03mm

How to use it?

Step 1: Remember to clean your natural lashes with vavalash lash shampoo before grafting the lashes

Step 2: Secure the lower lashes with vavalash eye patches, and fix with tape if necessary.

Step 3: Gently pull the eyelid upward with the tape, double-checking that all lower lashes are hidden and making sure your client is comfortable.

Step 4: Using vavalash super bonder continue with your pre-treatment

Step 5: Take out strips of lashes from the box, stick them to your lash palette and prepare your jade stone by applying a lash glue sticker on top of it.

Step 6: Shake your glue by using a glue shaker, grab your favorite pair of tweezers from your tweezer case and you’re ready to begin a beautiful set of lashes!

VAVA LASH premium collection use best Korean material :

-No Blue Tint

-No Kink

-Holds Curl More Than 1 Year

-Easy Creat Nicely Open Fans

-Mate Black 

-Length Available : from 8mm to 20mm

-Thickness Available:0.03 , 0.05 , 0.07 , 0.10, 0.15 ,0.18 ,0.20 , 0.25 

-Curly Available : C ,D ,CC ,DD

You Can Use The 0.02mm/ 0.03mm/0.05mm/0.07mm To Make The Volume Lash Set, And the 0.15mm To Make The Classic or Hybrid


These are individual lashes for classic or volume by hand application. THESE ARE NOT PRE MADE FANS!

For advanced technicians only. Do not use on yourself.

We are not responsible for the misuse of the our products.

You are solely responsible for the product once you purchase it from us. Performance and results of eyelash extensions may vary from person to person.


Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Alexie Rangel

I’ve been using vavalash for a while and the product is amazing!!


It's easy to grab and fan out lashes. Makes it easy to work quickly and without so much lash loss.I really like using it!!

Rachel V
Softest lashes ever

I love using these lashes to create fluffy volume sets!
They are also amazing for textured/ wispy lash sets: making spikes and not being too heavy for the client.


lashes are so soft and pretty. I use these on all of my clients and I always get compliments on the quality of the lash. these lashes also maintain their curl well. beginner friendly also!

Scarlett Alcorn

Love these lashes! Perfect fans every time!