Eyelash Extensions Mannequin and Eyelids Training Combo Pack



Eyelash Mannequin Combo pack

This is the perfect mannequin combo pack for new lash artists.

This soft silicon mannequin head will be a perfect tool for eyelash extensions training.

And the eyelashes are pretty realistic, it's no longer need for plastic hollow dolls,lash strips or a even live model to help you practice!

This is an astonishing investment for all people who wants to perfect their lashing skills with minimum amount of struggle!


The Mannequin combo pack includes our new advanced training Mannequin and 6 PC set of replacement eyelids.

Product Specifications:

100% Brand New.

High quality, washable, and easy o clean

Guaranteed to stay and place

Desiged from soft silicone perfect for eyelash extension practice

Weight 450g

Includes 1 Training Mannequin with 6 pcs replacement Eyelids


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